Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square was designed and built in 1651 and has since been enlarged four times its original size in the 1950s. In November 1958, a major expansion of Tiananmen Square was started and completed in just 9 months, in August 1959. This was a vision of Mao Zedong to make the square the largest and most spectacular in the world, capable to hold over 500,000 people. In the process of implementing this plan, a large number of residential and other buildings were demolished, many of them were of great historical value. Thus, its recent history began with the cultural crime of the Communists.

On June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square really made history. It became the site of the most massive and bloody suppression of a peaceful protest ever carried out on the main square of the country. To this day, the exact death toll is not known, it is estimated at approximately 10,000 people, and those who gave and executed criminal orders were not prosecuted for this. No other capital of any state can "praise" themselves of having a comparable event with the use of heavy armored vehicles and automatic weapons against unarmed civilians.

Due to this tragedy that the "legitimacy" of the PRC leadership continues to this day.