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Your actions

Well, the most valuable help is help by action. The most simple thing you can do is share the links to our site on social media and in YouTube comments of relevant videos. The question raised by us will not be solved in three days, so repeat these actions from time to time, please spare 5-10 minutes of your time. If you live in a democratic country, then try to find out which political parties and public organizations are able to participate in resolving this issue.

Battling Marxism

If you want to join the fight against the hydra of the Marxist heritage - you can rent an Anybody.Marxist.Dog subdomain and hosting from us for 100 euros per year. The Marxist doctrine is extremely dangerous because it is draped in convincing scientific form, but it does not take into account the shortcomings, human weaknesses and even the vices of this doctrine's followers. In case Marxists are in power, all these shortcomings, weaknesses and vices are manifested in full, sometimes taking the most monstrous forms. There are dozens of examples. Therefore, the struggle in the information field with all manifestations of Marxism is very important.