Hypocrisy is talking about "democratic values" and "human rights" in countries that refuse to establish diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (Taiwan), where life is based precisely on democratic values and respect for human rights. They refuse only because the government of China claims to control this territory, usurping, like true Marxists and communists, the power in their country, having destroyed millions of fellow citizens during this usurpation, crushed by tanks on Tiananmen Square the hopes of citizens - along with those citizens themselves.

Hypocrisy - this word must be engraved on a national emblem of each country that doesn’t recognize the Republic of China. Hypocrisy - this word should become the motto of each party, whose representatives were elected to the parliament of a democratic country, but do not raise the issue of recognizing the Republic of China and establishing diplomatic relations with it. The only European country having diplomatic relations with the Republic of China is the Vatican. And what about the rest of the Catholic countries, the Catholic parties - is the Vatican not an example for them? For the Eastern Europe countries, affected by the communist regimes themselves, some of them even passed laws of decommunization - the word "hypocrisy" must be written in golden letters on their state emblems!

We appeal to the citizens of all democratic countries - express your support to the citizens of the Republic of China!